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Everyone has dreams, sometimes maths is an important key to open doors to medicine, engineering science, it does not need to be hard.

Isn’t it more than maths?

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Our Vision

To serve as a leader in math and technical sciences education, so that students excel in year 10 & VCE.

We believe maths is physics education is the most critical element to a successful future in you people and Australia’s economic future.


Subjects on offer

  • Mathematics (any level or any topic. Methods, Specialist, General Math, Further Math)
  • Physics
  • Exam preparation skills
  • Study skills
Change Your Life


Private lessons

You might be looking for a private tutoring to help your child in all areas of school work. This will include

Career Direction & Career Counselling

Some students need help with navigating where there talents and interests would be suit them for career. We offer a range of options to help direct students with courses, business ideas and career goals.

Group Classes

- Library classes with groups of 5 to 9

    - Group sibling lessons

Features & Benefits




Some of the successful students move onto further study at university or start a business.